Dos and Don’ts about Italy

Dos and don’ts that are to be kept in mind to avoid any extreme situation and to not miss out any intriguing activity that could have been done are as follows:

1. Never miss out Rome and Wine
Italy is famous for Vatican City and the Italian wine. People who miss out the opportunity of enjoying a wine or to visit Vatican City are often left disappointed. Italian Wine is world-famous for its elegant taste and smooth high, so, it is mandatory for the interested people to enjoy the taste and admire the beauty of heritage of Vatican.

2. Don’t engage with the locals
The locals in Italy are well adapted to the high incoming volume of tourists throughout the year which falsely provides a privilege to the tourists to disrespect and misuse their rights. There must be a step taken by the tourists to not disrespect the culture and local crowds. For Example, tourists who have visited Italy for the first time finds everything intriguing. Hence, they sometimes forget and while melting into the beauty of any monument nearby, the tourists tend to block the road. It causes uneasiness for the locals and one might never want to engage in a fight with the locals.

3. Stay away from tourist traps
While their stay in Italy one must always stay away from the tourist traps- improper pricing of the articles, false presentation scams etc. One must stay out of these infatuating offers and must keep a check on the quality and the authenticity of the desired article.

4. Take care of your stuff
This statement applies for all the tourists around the globe irrespective of the place of visit. Tourists must always keep a check on their own belongings and should never trust an unknown person with their luggage. Though most of the hotels in Italy are safe still it is necessary to lock your room properly and to ponder on every suspicious thing or person around or following you.

5. The lunch timing
Once you reach Italy it is necessary for you to keep in mind that most of the shops in Italy remain closed from 1 to 4 P.M. due to the traditional brake that they take. This period is referred to as Riposo when tourists will not find any of the shopkeepers.

6. Eat Late!
When in Rome (Italy), tourists must become habitual of eating late in evening as not a single restaurant will be seen open before 7 in evening. So, one should plan the meals accordingly.

7. Olive Abundance
Tourists will find everything infused with olives even the salad. So, tourists with any allergies from olives must avoid non-customized foods (olive removal on order). Every café, restaurant or grocery outlet every place is promoting olives. For girls the time in Italy will turn out to be the best as they are about to enhance and make their waistline more glamorous while consuming olives a s fat-cutters.

8. Affordable Caffeine
Though coffee in most parts of the world is expensive, it is way cheaper in Italy as one can get a regular cappuccino at €1.50 and an espresso for €1 that are affordable for almost everyone.

9. Cross-check Train/bus tickets with their schedule
For travelers from outside Italy it doesn’t ends at just buying tickets, one has to be evenly attentive and aware in order to avoid Heavy fines and fuming inspector. Not in this case specially but in every scenario where a tourists visits other countries tickets and schedules must be cross-checked always.

10. Dress-code
Tourists have to maintain a dress code as in Italy they take decency seriously. In most of the famous churches maintaining a dress code is mandatory. Women must carry a scarf or cardigan to not violate church laws. Anything beyond knees and with sleeves is preferable.