Italian cuisine

Italian Cuisine – 5 Dishes to Taste Authentic Flavors of Italy

Italy is known for its exquisite and mouth-watering delights. So, most people would drool when they see recipes of Italian cuisine with pictures. Are you one of them?

Do you want to get an Italy Visa and head over to the charming country to savour some amazing culinary delights with your loved ones? Before you do that, simply go through our blog to find out some of the most popular foods in Italy that highlight the authentic flavours of Italian cuisine.

5 Must-try dishes of the Italian Cuisine


Fiorentina Steak – A Tasty Dish of the Traditional Italian Cuisine

The Fiorentina steak is also known as the Bistecca Fiorentina is a delicious steak that features some amazing flavours of Italy.

If you are in Tuscany then you will most likely come across this delicious dish in restaurants and cafés.

Italian cuisine

The Fiorentina steak is made up of a thick piece of meat that is cooked with love and care for at least 7 minutes on each side. The chefs make sure that the inside part of the meat stays rare.

The dish is so heavy that you might not be able to finish it in one go!


Bottarga –One of the Best Italian Foods

The Bottarga also known as the Sicilian Caviar is another mouth-watering delight that is primarily made in Southern Italy.

Did you know? The raw ingredients of this dish are prepared for a whopping 6 months!

Here’s how –The Roe from Gray Mullets is salted and pressed. After that, the preparation is left to air dry for a total of 6 months.

Italian cuisine

The Result – A solid chunk of eggs which turn into blood orange & amber colour.

These carefully prepared ingredients are sliced & eaten or grated over pasta which gives the entire dish a bouquet-like look and features smoky and savoury flavours.

Bottarga is considered by many to be one of the most sought-after and luxurious foods of Italian cuisine.


Ossobuco –Relish The Authentic Flavors Of Italy

The Ossobuco dish is a well-known Italian delight all over the country. However, if you want to taste the authentic bone-in veal shank then you need to head over to Italy!

The renowned chefs of Italy take time to slowly cook the shank on low fire. This shank is usually dipped in a broth of vegetables, meat stock and white wine. The cooking continues until the entire dish becomes tender.

Italian cuisine

The resulting gastronomical delight is a prime example of an authentic Italian dish that you should definitely try out if you are in Italy.

Try this mouth-watering dish with polenta or risotto to experience a hearty meal!


Ribollita–Try Out This Mouth-Watering Soup

Are you on a holiday in Italy? Then you should try the mouth-watering Ribollita which happens to be an amazing soup.

The roots of this traditional dish go back to peasant cooking. Instead of thickening the soup with meat, the locals thicken it with bread. This dish gets popular during autumn due to the fact that the vegetables are harvested during that time.

Italian cuisine

These vegetables are the ingredients that give a wonderful taste to the soup. If you want to try out an authentic Ribollita then make sure to head over to Tuscany.


Lasagna – One of the Most Iconic Foods to Eat in Italy

Who doesn’t know about Lasagna? This flat, white pasta noodle dish has been made in most countries in the world and this dish has its origins in Italy!

Although many restaurants all over the world and many chefs, as well as individuals, claim to make the best Lasagna, you will find the most authentic delights in Italy!

Italian cuisine

This popular dish was first made in Emilia-Romagna Region. Initially, this dish was a wholesome meal that was made with Ragu meat sauce. However, as time passed on, tomatoes, bechamel sauce and cheese made it into the recipe.

These are 5 amazing dishes of the Italian cuisine that you should try out while visiting Italy. Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy Visa UK and head over to Italy with your family and friends to try out some amazing Italian culinary delights.