spring attitude festival 2022

Spring Attitude Festival 2022 – A Famous Electronic Music Event

The ancient Italian city of Rome plays host to the annual electronic music event known as Spring Attitude Festival 2022.

Don’t be fooled by the name—Spring Attitude has become one of Rome’s most prominent autumn parties despite having its origins in the spring. Even while the Vatican, the Colosseum, and Rome’s other historic landmarks get considerably more attention than the city’s contemporary culture, this festival is at the front of a growing movement to change that.

Some of the most promising artists in underground electronic music will be performing, so get ready for a lineup of dance-floor bangers and left-field experimentalism. Plan out your travel to Italy in advance to avoid a last-minute rush!

Read on to know about what to expect during the Spring Attitude Festival in Italy.

What makes Spring Attitude Festival in Rome Popular?

The Spring Attitude Festival is an annual event that serves as both a breeding ground for fresh youth culture and a showcase for established artists and musicians.

It has undergone constant change throughout the years, which has helped it become one of the most significant businesses in the country.

The Spring Attitude Festival is an annual event held in Rome, Italy, and supported by national and international institutions with the goal of promoting, enhancing, and staging new and set up artistic realities and the most intriguing global projects in the context of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

With its tenth anniversary behind it, the Festival is eager to take on new endeavors and expand to new areas.

Lineup 2022 for the Spring Attitude Festival

The Preview

This will be held on 10th September 2022 along with Roma Europe Festival.

The Opening

This will be held on 15th September 2022 which goes by the name Alcazar live. Enjoy performances by On The Sound System, Geneva Nervi, The Ladder Cloud Thing and more.

spring attitude festival 2022

Day 1 – 16th September 2022

The Molinari Stage

Enjoy performances by Cosmo, One Hundred Thousand, Cosmo, Ditonellapiaga and more.

The Genera Stage

Enjoy performances by I’m a Dog, 72-hour Post Fight and Red Axes.

Day 2 – 17th September 2022

The Molinari Stage

Witness performances by Venus, Marco Castello, Ellen Allien, Caliber 35 plays Morricone and more.

The Genera Stage

Witness performances by Growth, Post Fog and White Mary.

Artists to Watch out for at Spring Attitude

The Blessed Madonna

The personality of a volcano. A club culture soldier, in the broadest and most astute understanding of that phrase. One who does not try to conceal their identity. She is a music lover, and not just any music; she enjoys anything that gets you up and moving.

Marea Stamper, better known as The Blessed Madonna, is a major name in the world of electronic dance music. But she continues to maintain the enthusiasm of the first day. In addition, they have a stunning appearance.

72 Hour Post Fight

As more and more listeners seek out the most experimental, priceless, and visionary edges of Italian music, the four aforementioned sound warriors are rising to prominence.

If you’ve never seen them before, you’re in for quite the treat; if you have, you’re probably already counting down the days until your next opportunity.

Ellen Allien

It’s safe to assume that Ellen Allien needs no preamble. Berlin’s first superstar singer, a talent scout par excellence, she finds and provides her most joy at the console.

Yet another today. With all the zeal of when he first started out, plus a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained along the way. Never without a grin on his face.

Geneva Nervi

The list of Ginevra Nervi’s credits in the realm of soundtracks and music is unlimited, and that’s saying something.

She uses synthetic swarming, human and carnal elements, and very profound suggestions in her music to convey what she calls the “totality of emotions.”

And while he does much of his work through abstraction and deconstruction, there is always a throbbing anchor in what is true, in what is genuine, in what is right in front of our eyes. Alternatively, it could be hiding in our waking thoughts and dreams.

spring attitude festival 2022

Tickets for the Spring Attitude Festival in Rome 2022

The tickets for the Spring Attitude Festival are classified as follows:

  • Single Day Pass – Costs around 37.80 Euros and is valid for only one day of the festival.
  • Full Pass – Access both the days of the festival i.e., from 16th to 17th The ticket costs around 67 Euros.

How to Reach Spring Attitude Festival 2022 Venue?

Cinecittà studios are ideally situated for access via multiple modes of transportation while also offering the benefits of a self-sufficient industrial operation in a natural setting.

The Cinecittà Studios are conveniently located near Rome’s Termini train station and the city’s subway system. Public transportation and private vehicles both provide convenient access to nearby airports.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for an Italy Visa UK today and book your tickets to enjoy a hassle-free visit to Italy!