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Get your Italy Visa to cease the urge for Italian food

Get your Italy Visa to cease the urge for Italian food

People globally are obsessed with Italian food. Italy is the leading light of food items worldwide. The Italian food is considered a must for the dining tables of most of the households internationally.If you want to culminate your cravings for good food, Italy Visa is the key for gastronomic venture in Italy. Foodies, are you excited to know more about it? Let us go on a food adventure and explore these delicacies in detail.

Epicures, it’s time to try these tasty treats! These heavenly food recipesare passed down from generation to generation. You can also try the dishes prepared by local home chefs to cherish the authentic taste. Get your Italy visit visa ASAP to experience the flavorous venture.

This blog will stimulate your taste goblets and leave you day-dreaming about the appetizing delights. Following are some sweet and tangy dishes that every visitor must try while sojourning in Italy:

Pizza & Paste


Being in Italy and not trying the two traditional delicacies is considered a sin. Yes, you guessed it right? We are referring to the two Famous & Delicious “P” of Italian cuisine – Pizza & Pasta! These delicacies are available in multiple forms, and trying all of them, seems next to impossible. However, one should always go for the regional specialties that Italy has to offer!

Margherita is the first name that strikes the mind when discussing about Pizza. Simple yet mouth-watering, this pizza originated in Naples. The perfect combination of tomato, basil and mozzarella, is what make it tastes unique. Margherita pizza is the entry to the menus in Italian restaurants, even in the local pizzerias. Even a single slice of the thin-crust pizza, will leave you craving for more. It is of no surprise that, not only Margherita, Italian pizzerias have a lot to offers in their menus. All it need is a good explorer! So Foodies, what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore as many varieties as you can.

Pasta is what every food enthusiast craves for! Designated as another traditional Italian dish, it is available in unimaginable varieties. Epicures, always opt for the regional specialty to satisfy your desire to taste the best of all varieties. Pastas in restaurants and cafés are available in variety of sauces.So it’s time to get your Italy tourist visa and fly to taste the Mother of all Italian dishes.



The ‘pick-me-up’ cake will culminate your hunger for caffeine. This well-known dessert is the first priority of all epicures who are travelling to Italy.Tiramisu is a perfect marriage of sponge fingers, coffee, eggs, sugar, cocoa and mascarpone cheese. The ideal ratio of all the ingredients results in this sweet treat.Dessert-makers with their creativity and innovation, have given a new twist to the traditional Italian dessert. Let your taste buds feel the bliss with variety of flavors such as fruit, chocolate and what not!



A thin slice of veal, topped with salty prosciutto and herb leaves is the dish with authentic Italian flavor. This Roman specialty will explode the flavorous volcano in your mouth. The cuisiniers sometimes, replace the veal with chicken and mutton to enhance the taste of Saltimbocca. Make sure to try on this savory delight while sojourning in Italy. It’s time to departure to Italy, if you are curious to grab on the flavorous Roman specialty.



As suggested by the name itself, it is a reboiled dish of unfinished food. Well known as cucinapovera or poor man’s food, the ribollita is believed to be cooked by servants. Unfinished foods such as bread or vegetables are collected from masters, which are later boiled to make meal. Although created with unfinished food yet it is Tuscany’s most important dish.



Originated from the city of Naples, it is a true Italian cuisine. The dish is made of pasta layers and lot of stuffing. Pasta sheets are baked with cheese, ground meat, vegetables, variety of sauces and what not! The Ragu, Bechamel and tomato sauce make the Lasagna nothing short to perfect. Plan your visit to Italy to experience the authentic taste of Italian food. One must not miss out on this dish while exploring Italy.



It is a dish of stuffed rice balls, which are crispy and golden brown in color. The ragu, tomato sauce, mozzarella and peas are usually stuffed in rice balls which are then fried with crunchy breadcrumbs. All of the ingredients are tossed together to form this delectable dish. With the diversity of regional variations in Italy, Foodies, there are a variety of Arancini available. The stuffing varies from place to place. Certain innovations in arancini are, arancini con ragu, arancini con burro, arancini con funghi and arancini con melanzane.


Cheese - Gorgonzola

The Italian cheese is no less than paradise on Earth for Foodies! It is the torchbearer of food identities worldwide. From Gorgonzola, mozzarella to fontina and asiago, one can encounter variety of cheeses in Italy. It is of no surprise that, Italian cheeses are dearest to people even outside Italy. The exquisite taste is the reason, they have been certified as the DOP product. DOP is the recognition given to the products which are locally grown and packed. Always look for the DOP label on cheese to have native taste.

Epicures, this is not the end to the list of Italian delicacies! The list is indeed never ending! The luscious Italian food is just an Italy visa away. Guys, are you thirsty for Italian Beverages? Then watch out for our next blog.

Bon Appetite Wanderers!