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Valentine’s Day in Italy 2024 – Best Places to Visit

Valentine’s Day in Italy 2024 – Best Places to Visit

Valentine’s Day in Italy is celebrated in the same way as the other parts of the world. It is known as ‘La Festa degli Innamorat’ which means ‘Festival of lovers’. However, some Italian twists and influences make it a truly distinct experience. Though Valentine’s Day in Italy is not a public holiday for locals, it’s just like another day at work, but still it’s a romantic day filled with love and lots of passion.

It is a time for couples to show their love for each other with chocolates, presents and lovely flowers. There’s no doubt that romantic moves and signs on a daily basis are more important than on a single day of the year, but Valentine’s Day has become a reason for couples to spend some quality time together and enjoy company of each other. 

If you are also planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy 2024, there’s lot that you will experience here like people carrying roses in their hands specially the white ones that symbolizes innocence and purity and red ones that are epitome of romance and love. Streets are full of people carrying these roses, so why not you too. Imagine yourself on the streets of Italy carrying roses for your loving partner. Sound’s great isn’t it?

So, let me tell you a few things that you will need to know before you can actually be in Italy and celebrate this wonderful day with your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse. First of all you need to decide whether you are serious about going here, if you are serious than the first thing you need to do is book your Italy Visa appointment to get the visa. After you have your visa in hand you are all set to fly to Italy and surprise your partner with a wonderful gift of life time.

And once you are in Italy there are several things that you both can indulge in to celebrate and spend time together for unforgettable memories.

Romantic Places in Italy for a Perfect Headout

Surprise your love with a Valentine’s Day trip and celebrate the love of you two like never before. From little town to big cities dotted around the peninsula, not to forget the mountain resorts, lakes and seaside there are several ways and numerous places to celebrate your valentine’s day in Italy 2024. Here you can not only pamper yourself but also enjoy local specialties and of course a romantic candlelit dinner with your sweetheart. So let’s make your job a little easy with the 5 beautiful places where you can go during your romantic holidays.

1.    Via dell’Amore in Cinque Terre

Explore one of the most romantic and beautiful places in Liguria. Via dell’Amore is one of the most famous and well liked trails in this tropical paradise with a gorgeous sea view. It is popularly known as the path of love which begins at Riomaggiore train station. Further it connects this charming town to the neighbouring Manarola station. This place is a heaven to not just treat the romantic in you but also the enthusiastic and the adventurous part too.

2.    Romantic Getaway on the Heart-Shaped Lake Scanno in Abruzzo

Lake Scanno is the most popular natural lake in Abruzzo which is visited quite often by thousands of people. It’s a must visit place especially on the Valentine’s Day with your lover to enjoy its beauty. It begins at the lakeshore souvenir kiosk and proceeds to the popular viewpoint via Hermitage of Sant’Egidio. So, if you want some lone, quality time this is the place for you which promises not just the stunning surrounding for romantic photos but a completely unique experience. It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic date ideas in Italy.

3.    Gulf of Naples View from Castel Sant’Elmo is Purely Romantic

Spectacular views and fantastic food – for a unique experience I will suggest you to explore the breathtaking view points of Naples. From Fenestrella di Marechiaro to Sant’Antonio terrace on the Posillipo hill and Caracciolo seafront, take one of the cities and in fact entire Italy’s most romantic walks ever. It’s a cherry on the top when you have your partner by your side to share some cute moments, talks, relax and enjoy some peaceful time.

4.    City of Love Verona for a Truly Romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy 2024

If you are thinking about the most romantic place than you can head to Verona, without giving it a second thought. This beautiful city in the northern Italy will be happily welcome you with open arms. The stone bridges, riverbank castles and magnificent views helped this city turn into the city of love. Moreover, the Juliet statue and balcony represents her tormented affection for Romeo. Do not forget to visit the house of Capulet in Via Cappello if you are planning to visit this city of Romeo-Juliet.

5.    City of Valentine’s Day – Terni

Discover the history of Valentine’s Day by visiting Terni where patron saint of lovers was born. As they say, Patron was called the saint of lovers as he celebrated the marriage of pagan legionnaire and a young Christian girl letting love win over religious boundaries.

You may treat yourself to a day full of culture, tradition and history by visiting the Roman amphitheatre and the thousand-year-old Basilica, which is devoted to the patron saint of the city and of loves.

Lastly, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to explore an art city in Italy? From Trieste to Assisi, Cagliari to Rome, Ferrara to Turin, Perugia to Florence, every city and every place is simply marvelous. Nothing is more romantic than letting the heart and mind appreciate beauty.

Valentine’s Day in Italy 2023: Visa for Italy, How to apply

Valentine’s Day gifts

You did a great job of course by planning to spend Valentine’s day in Italy with your partner but don’t forget that gift to make her/him feel even more special. Giving them the gift is definitely an opportunity to show them how much you love and care about their preferences and interests. A customized gift or something that they truly adore will remind them of your feelings & the special bond that you two share.


So what are you waiting for? Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and you have to get your Italy visa too in time to be able to escape this heaven. Also you need some time for shopping and deciding on the places you would want to visit with your partner, where you two will be going for lunch and special dinner. All of these needs a little time for a perfect execution. Hence, start preparing early so that you can make Valentine’s Day in Italy 2024, a truly memorable one.


What is Italy visa processing time?

The processing time for an Italy visa varies depending on Nationalities and type of visa you are applying, for example whether you are applying for long stay or short stay Schengen visa. Generally Short Stay visa processing time ranges between 7-8 working days and long stay Italy Schengen visa takes around 8-15 working days. For some nationalities it may take around 15 days’ time. Get in touch with us to know more about it in detail.

How do I get a visa for Italy from UK?

This is the simple Italy visa application process that we follow to help you get one quickly:

  • Fill the Online Application Form and complete the online payment for further processing.
  • We Will Book your Next Day Italy Visa Appointment with VFS centre.
  • Visit the Visa Centre with all your Documents, Submit your Biometrics and pay the VFS visa fees.

Receive your Passport directly through VFS Via courier.

How do I book a visa appointment for Italy?

Due to limited slots and immense popularity of Italy among tourists, scheduling a visa appointment is typically regarded as a challenging and time-consuming task. This is where our role begins, as we use our years of experience to help you secure an express (next-day) Italy visa appointment.

Can I fill one application for my entire family if we are travelling together to Italy?

No, each person applying for Italy tourist visa must complete and sign the visa application form separately. Although parents will need to sign the form if the applicant is a minor, but a separate application must be submitted for them as well.

What is the validity of Italy visa?

Validity depends on several factors like whether you are applying for the first time or you already had multiple Schengen visas in the past. Italy generally gives visa for 3 months to 2 years or even more but maximum time that you can stay will be 90 days in single trip.

How many countries are there that I can travel with single Schengen visa?

You are able to travel to all 27 Schengen nations including Italy if you have a Schengen visa. Keep in mind that your longest stay must be in the nation for which you obtained a visa for. Here are the Schengen member nations that you can travel with single visa: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Rome Marathon 2022 – The Largest Marathon Event of Italy

The Rome Marathon 2022 is the country’s largest marathon. Every year, around 15,000 local and international runners participate. The Rome Marathon allows you to experience the gorgeous sights and sounds of Italy’s capital, as well as its rich culture and history.

Although Rome is known as the “City of Seven Hills,” the marathon is usually conducted on a flat level. You can run comfortably, and when you reach the finish line, you will be greeted by a large audience!

Highlights of the Rome Marathon 2022

The Rome Marathon Route

You will pass in front of Castel Sant’Angelo, on Viale della Conciliazione with St. Peter’s Basilica, the Foro Italico and the Mosque, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna with the famous Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and Via del Corso, on a route that is unmatched to locations anywhere else in the world.

Rome Marathon 2022

An Amazing Experience

With the Colosseum as your backdrop, you’ll take off with excitement as a runner. With so many prominent things like gorgeous buildings, museums, and ancient relics, which will motivate you to complete the 45 km race.

There are a lot of runners to compete with for the first 10 miles. It’s to be anticipated, and everyone is rushing around in good spirits. For some, cobblestoned paths are a difficulty, but they add to the real antique sensation of jogging through Rome’s streets.


Relish Delicious Food

At the food and drink stations, you’ll find delicious cuisine and fruits, such as blood oranges. You’ll be hooked on the luscious sweetness of an Italian blood orange after just one bite. When you see these waiting for you, it’s difficult to stick to the Rome Marathon Event Schedule. If you’re quick, wet sponges are also accessible.

Rome Marathon 2022

Must-see Attractions

The run-up to St Peter’s Square, with bells ringing and runners looking down the street at the Basilica’s obelisk shape that is now prominent in their centre view, has to be one of the most spectacular aspects of the marathon. Participants cheer, blow kisses, whoop and holler as they race through numerous tunnels and underpasses. The entire audience joins in.

The Rome Marathon begins in the shadow of the Colosseum on the Via dei Fori Imperiali. Whether you’re running or watching, the vistas from this destination marathon are spectacular. Runners claim that they can see a landmark around every corner and that it takes their breath away.


Important Rome Marathon Information


Rome Marathon Time and Venue

The Rome Marathon will be held on 27th March 2022 from around 7 AM. The Venue or the starting point for the marathon will be Via dei Fori Imperiali.


Rome Marathon Entry Fees

There are two types of races namely:

  • Competitive Rome Marathon – 99 Euros
  • Non-Competitive Rome Marathon – 99 Euros

Rome Marathon 2022

What to Wear during Rome Marathon 2022

Even today, in this modern world, Rome is a sacred city with some unwritten clothing standards. Men must wear trousers that cover their legs, while women must wear skirts or trousers that are of a respectable length and cover their shoulders with sleeved t-shirts.


What to carry along?

It might be hot throughout the day but chilly at night when the Rome Marathon is held. Bring sturdy walking shoes for the cobblestones, thick cardigans and sweaters for the chilly evenings, sunscreen and a hat, as well as a light jacket in case of unexpected rain showers.

Got all the information you need about Rome Marathon 2022? Now, simply apply for an Italy Visa UK and head over to the charming city to take part in the largest marathon events in Italy.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy – 5 Beautiful Restaurants

Planning to go on a romantic vacation to Italy but confused about the Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy? Fret not! We have curated a short yet informative guide that will help you to enjoy a beautiful and romantic dining experience in Italy with your loved one.

5 Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy

Solo Per Due – World’s Smallest Restaurant

Don’t let the tag of the world’s smallest restaurant fool you. This intimate restaurant might seem small but that is what makes the dining experience all the more intimate and memorable.

Want to know the best part about this restaurant? It takes just 2 people at a time. This means you get to enjoy a completely private and romantic dining experience with the love of your life!

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy

Not just that, the path that leads to the restaurant is romantic as well – torches illuminating the beautiful path that leads to a 19th-century villa.

Your better half couldn’t have asked for a better dining experience than this one!

Grotta  Palazzese – Best Romantic Dining in Italy

This beautiful restaurant ranks among the top romantic restaurants in Italy and it deserves it. Why?

The restaurant regularly features in social media posts of famous influencers and the views as well as the ambience that this restaurant provides is second to none!

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy

Located in a natural cave that overlooks the waves of the sea, this charming restaurant offers some of the best dining experiences on the planet. In addition to that, the candles and the soft lights make the entire experience all the more romantic and surreal.

Munch on a wide range of Italian delights as you create some of the most beautiful memories for life!

La Sponda – A Beautiful & Romantic Italian Restaurant

Ever heard the term la dolce vita? It means to live a life of self-indulgence and indolence.

Well, you can do exactly this at the La Sponda Restaurant. The popular Michelin-starred restaurant located near the charming Amalfi Coast boasts an amazing menu that is full of dishes prepared from fresh local ingredients.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy

The best part about the menu is that it is inspired by the hugely popular culinary traditions of Naples.

Planning to go on a romantic dinner at this restaurant? Then you just made the right choice because every single evening, around 400 candles are lit which makes the entire dining experience surreal and memorable!

Locanda Rosa Rosae – One of the Best Places to Eat in Italy

Did you know? The Locanda Rosa Rosae was originally built as a water mill in the 15th century?

This beautiful restaurant cum guesthouse happens to be a hub for romantic experiences in Italy. Located in the already charming countryside of Venice, the restaurant boasts traditional brick walls and vintage wooden beams.

These beautiful interiors are alluringly lit up by candles and the aroma of the flowers on every table give a beautiful ambience to the entire restaurant.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy

So, if you and your better half are planning to go on a holiday in Italy and you want to treat him/her to a romantic dinner then Locanda Rosa Rosae is the ideal choice for you.

From dishes made with a variety of cheeses to Italian desserts, mouth-watering breakfast offerings and much more, you will surely get spoilt for choice!

The Library – One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy

Located in Rome, this gem of a restaurant ranks among the top romantic restaurants in Italy. Why so?

The beautiful restaurant offers a lovely ambience that most couples will take to. In addition to that, the mouth-watering Italian and Mediterranean cuisines served at this restaurant will certainly satiate your taste buds.

Delicious dishes made from Salmon, Tenderloin and Pasta are crowd favourites. In addition to that, you can enjoy some great tiramisu.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy

Other than these, you can also go for some lip-smacking white wines, champagne or restaurant-recommended prosecco. Many guests also gave good reviews about the restaurant’s coffee so if you are visiting there for a quick bite then don’t forget to order the coffee!

These are 5 of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy that you should visit while going on a vacation to Italy with your better half. Just make sure to get your Italy visa on time so that you can explore all the beautiful places in Italy and create some amazing memories for life!

Celebrate a Romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy with your Better Half

Italy happens to be one of the most romantic countries in the world. So, why choose any other country when you can celebrate one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy?

However, before you go all excited and get your Italy Visa UK, read our blog which will help you to plan out a romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy with your better half.

5 Romantic things to do in Italy on Valentine’s Day

Stroll through the city with your better half

Italy boasts of a plethora of cities that feature beautiful cobbled streets perfect for walking. And when it’s Valentine’s Day in Italy the streets do seem more beautiful than the usual times due to the romantic ambience and classic architecture.

Valentine's Day in Italy

The old streets of Venice, Rome and Florence resonate with the rich history and culture of Italy which makes them the perfect spot for couples planning to celebrate Valentine’s day.

And with couples and locals roaming around in the relaxed ambience, you will certainly feel your vacation getting more romantic as the evening sets in.

Ride the Gondola in Venice

One of the best things to do while celebrating Valentine’s Day in Italy is to take a Gondola Ride in Venice.

Venice is a beautiful place that features a network of canals around the city. And these canals are primarily navigated by traditional boats known as gondolas. These small water navigators are classic and romantic at the same time.

When you are taking a ride on the gondola make sure to click some lovely pictures to capture those beautiful moments for life. You will certainly want to revisit these memories once you go back home.

Relish Italian Cuisine

One of the other popular activities to do in Italy this Valentine’s Day is to munch on tasty delights of Italian cuisine.

Valentine's Day in Italy

Italy is well-known for its array of gastronomical delights made from fish, meat and fresh vegetables. Each restaurant, café or roadside stall has its own signature dish.

So, the more restaurants you visit, the more unique dishes you can try with your better half.


Go Paragliding

If you fancy adventure then heads straight to Bolzano which offers some of the best paragliding experiences for holidaymakers.

As you glide through the Pustertal Valley, you will come across some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet – The Alps & The Dolomites which are usually covered by snow during winter.

Make sure to book your slots in advance as Valentine’s day can attract a lot of couples to Bolzano.

Valentine's Day in Italy

Enjoy a Kayak Tour

Rome offers some amazing kayaking experiences for couples. Since a kayak seats two, you can easily fit in and waddle around in Lake Albano which boasts of amazing nature views. Try to take some Kayak training so that you can have a gala time in Italy with your significant other.

These are a few romantic things that you can do while you go on a holiday in Italy during Valentine’s. Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy visa and head over to the charming country to celebrate one of the best Valentine’s Day!

Italy in Winters – 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Charming Country

Planning to go on a holiday to Italy in Winters but confused about whether you should really go to Italy. Fret not! We are here to help!

Real to know about some interesting reasons which may compel you to grab an Italy Visa UK and head over to Italy to experience the best of Italian winters with your loved ones.

5 Good Reasons to go to Italy this Winter

The Carnivals – One of the Best Reasons to Visit Italy in Winter

If you are someone who loves the crowds then Italy is perhaps one of the best places to visit during Winter. Why?

This is the perfect time for Carnivals!

The Venice Carnival happens to be one of the biggest and oldest Carnivals in the World. What can you expect from this huge event?

  • Unique Costumes & Quirky Masks
  • Dances
  • Floats & Colors in Parades
  • Various types of Events for Kids & Adults

From the opening ceremony till the last day of the event, you will have various types of experiences and events waiting for you.

All you need to do is jump into any of the events and party hard!

Apart from this, the waterways of Venice will be covered with beautiful decorations. If you want to watch it then head over to Grand Canal or the Rio di Cannaregio.

You can also attend other popular events like the Festadelle Marie Parade, Flight of the Angel and other amazing events at the St. Mark’s Basilica to have a blast with your loved ones.

Italy in Winters

A Quieter Italy – Avoid Crowds and Have an Enjoyable Time

Winter is not regarded as a tourist season. What does this mean for you?

Accommodations and travel expenses will be much more affordable. In addition to that, you can explore a myriad of tourist attractions without worrying about bustling crowds and imperfect camera shots.

From Colosseum to Villa Borghese, St. Basilica and Duomo in Florence explore a wide range of popular tourist attractions and take some amazing pictures to make your winter vacation even more memorable!

Experience Gastronomy – Another Reason to Visit Italy in Winters

Did you know? Italy’s gastronomy changes during summer and winter. So, dishes that are available in Winter won’t be available during Summer. And since the place will be less crowded, you can enjoy a wide range of culinary delights at your own leisurely pace.

Typical dishes like pizza and pasta will be available all year round. However, some unique dishes such as Minestra, Pasta e Ceci, Special Risottos and Meat-based dishes are only available during winter. So, when you visit Italy during the winter, make sure to hit popular restaurants and savour mouth-watering delights.

Italy in Winters

A Cool Climate Welcomes You –Don’t Sweat it While Exploring Italy

As you already know, winters are much cooler which means you can sweat less while exploring a greater number of tourist attractions when compared to summer vacations.

Did you know? Temperatures don’t drop less than 10 during winters. This climate makes Italy an ideal place to visit during Winters.

Italy in Winters

Experience Adventure Like Never Before!

The Winter season in Italy means snow on the mountains. What does that translate to?

Amazing skiing experiences in the Alps. Head over to the Dolomites in the northern region of Italy to Ski to your heart’s content. But Skiing isn’t the only thing that attracts tourists to Italy in Winters.

The Alps which happens to be a UNESCO World

Got the answer to your question – Why Italy is the perfect winter holiday destination?

Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy visa and experience the best of Italy’s winters with your loved ones.

Venice Carnival 2022–The Definitive Guide for Holidaymakers

The alluring country of Italy is preparing itself to host one of the most famous events of the world – the Venice Carnival 2022.

From ecstatic costumes to larger than life parades and live music, you will get to witness a myriad of festivities. Feel like getting an Italy Visa so that you can take part in these amazing festivities?

Before you do that, read our definitive guide to ensure that you experience the best of Venice Carnival with your friends or family.

The History of The Venice Carnival

One of the earliest references to the term carnival can be found in the year 1094. During this time, the pre-lent season witness a good number of public celebrations

During this period, a typical carnival was celebrated for weeks that included:

  • Amazing Festivity & Fun
  • Music & Dances
  • Parties

But, the present-day carnival became public in 1296 which led to the event getting immense popularity. However, the 18th century is when the carnival gained worldwide recognition. Why?

Venice Carnival 2022

Casanova, the famous writer spent most of his life in Venice during the 18thcentury and he shared his instances of love affairs and wild parties during the time.

There was a brief period of time during which wearing masks was forbidden and the interesting tradition was again restored in 1979.

Venice Carnival 2022 Dates

The Carnival will be held from 12th February 2022 to 1st March 2022 in various places of Venice and St. Mark’s Square being the popular spot for parades, festivities and special events.

Essential tips to help enjoy the Festival in Venice

Experience Amazing Festivities

The spell-binding Venice Carnival boasts of the following:

  • Amazing events
  • Long Parades
  • Beautiful and Ecstatic costumes
  • Beautiful Backgrounds for pictures
  • Masquerade Balls
  • Opera, Concerts and Pubs
  • Theatre Performances

There are many paid events as well as free events where you can witness a myriad of celebrations ranging from comedy shows to theatre performances and live music!

Venice Carnival 2022

Wear Unique Costumes

Venice Carnival 2022 will feature people wearing a wide range of costumes. However, the best costumes are the ones that showcase 18th century Venice Lords and Ladies.

Another type of costume that is loved the most is when masks are worn under black hooded capes.

Why costumes?

In the earlier days, costumes were worn to hide their status and class so that everyone will feel equal.

Visit the St. Mark’s Square

If you want to experience the best of the activity’s during Venice Carnival then you should head over to St. Mark’s Square.

The best part about this place is that most of the entertainment activities and events are free for everyone!

And this place happens to be the centre of attraction during the Venice Carnival 2022. Witness some amazing things like:

  • A Huge Stage that will host live music, runway shows and more
  • Comedy Shows & Theatre Performances
  • Award Ceremony for:

Flight of the Angel
Best Masked Costumes
Festadelle Marie


  • Apart from these, you can also attend various street parties and DJ Sets
  • The day celebrations usually end with a spectacular display of fireworks

Venice Carnival 2022

List of Events during carnival in Venice

  1. 13th February 2022 –Venetian Water Festival
  2. 19th February 2022 – Festadelle Marie
  3. 20th February 2022 – Flight of the Angel
  4. 27th February 2022 – Flight of the Eagle
  5. 27th February 2022 – The Most Beautiful Mask Competition Finals
  6. 28th February 2022 – Children’s Edition of the Most Beautiful Mask Competition
  7. 1st March 2022 – Maria of the Carnival Award Ceremony
  8. 1st March 2022 –Svolo del Leon

Got all the information you need about Venice Carnival 2022?

Now, all you need to do is simply get an Italy tourist visa and take part in the amazing festivities of the Venice Carnival with your loved ones.

Italian Cuisine – 5 Dishes to Taste Authentic Flavors of Italy

Italy is known for its exquisite and mouth-watering delights. So, most people would drool when they see recipes of Italian cuisine with pictures. Are you one of them?

Do you want to get an Italy Visa and head over to the charming country to savour some amazing culinary delights with your loved ones? Before you do that, simply go through our blog to find out some of the most popular foods in Italy that highlight the authentic flavours of Italian cuisine.

5 Must-try dishes of the Italian Cuisine


Fiorentina Steak – A Tasty Dish of the Traditional Italian Cuisine

The Fiorentina steak is also known as the Bistecca Fiorentina is a delicious steak that features some amazing flavours of Italy.

If you are in Tuscany then you will most likely come across this delicious dish in restaurants and cafés.

Italian cuisine

The Fiorentina steak is made up of a thick piece of meat that is cooked with love and care for at least 7 minutes on each side. The chefs make sure that the inside part of the meat stays rare.

The dish is so heavy that you might not be able to finish it in one go!


Bottarga –One of the Best Italian Foods

The Bottarga also known as the Sicilian Caviar is another mouth-watering delight that is primarily made in Southern Italy.

Did you know? The raw ingredients of this dish are prepared for a whopping 6 months!

Here’s how –The Roe from Gray Mullets is salted and pressed. After that, the preparation is left to air dry for a total of 6 months.

Italian cuisine

The Result – A solid chunk of eggs which turn into blood orange & amber colour.

These carefully prepared ingredients are sliced & eaten or grated over pasta which gives the entire dish a bouquet-like look and features smoky and savoury flavours.

Bottarga is considered by many to be one of the most sought-after and luxurious foods of Italian cuisine.


Ossobuco –Relish The Authentic Flavors Of Italy

The Ossobuco dish is a well-known Italian delight all over the country. However, if you want to taste the authentic bone-in veal shank then you need to head over to Italy!

The renowned chefs of Italy take time to slowly cook the shank on low fire. This shank is usually dipped in a broth of vegetables, meat stock and white wine. The cooking continues until the entire dish becomes tender.

Italian cuisine

The resulting gastronomical delight is a prime example of an authentic Italian dish that you should definitely try out if you are in Italy.

Try this mouth-watering dish with polenta or risotto to experience a hearty meal!


Ribollita–Try Out This Mouth-Watering Soup

Are you on a holiday in Italy? Then you should try the mouth-watering Ribollita which happens to be an amazing soup.

The roots of this traditional dish go back to peasant cooking. Instead of thickening the soup with meat, the locals thicken it with bread. This dish gets popular during autumn due to the fact that the vegetables are harvested during that time.

Italian cuisine

These vegetables are the ingredients that give a wonderful taste to the soup. If you want to try out an authentic Ribollita then make sure to head over to Tuscany.


Lasagna – One of the Most Iconic Foods to Eat in Italy

Who doesn’t know about Lasagna? This flat, white pasta noodle dish has been made in most countries in the world and this dish has its origins in Italy!

Although many restaurants all over the world and many chefs, as well as individuals, claim to make the best Lasagna, you will find the most authentic delights in Italy!

Italian cuisine

This popular dish was first made in Emilia-Romagna Region. Initially, this dish was a wholesome meal that was made with Ragu meat sauce. However, as time passed on, tomatoes, bechamel sauce and cheese made it into the recipe.

These are 5 amazing dishes of the Italian cuisine that you should try out while visiting Italy. Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy Visa UK and head over to Italy with your family and friends to try out some amazing Italian culinary delights.

Venice – City of Canals: 5 Must-Have Experiences in Venice

Venice – City of Canals also known as the City of Bridges and the Floating City is regarded as one of the most prominent attractions of Italy. Its popularity may be due to the obvious water-filled canals but apart from that Venice often gives its visitors romantic and touristy vibes. Not to mention the many historic architectural marvels that you can spot while you explore the beautiful city.

And one of the best parts about Queen of the Adriatic (another name of Venice) is that it is a relatively small & compact place that can be easily explored in a few days!

So, if you are planning to grab an Italy Visa to enjoy a nice little Holiday in Italy, then Venice should be on the top of your itinerary. And if you are confused about which places to visit or experiences to enjoy then simply read our brief blog before you get spoiled for choice.

Venice-City of Canals

5 Amazing Experiences in Venice – City of Canals

Roam around and explore Venice

This is perhaps one of the best things to do in Venice. And because the city is small, you can easily get to numerous places and explore them with your friends or family. Try heading over to the smaller canals as they can be the perfect place to wander.

In addition to that, the main part of Venice is quite small which enables travellers to easily explore a wide number of attractions in a few hours.

Here are a few things that you can try out:

  • Sit & relax in a small square that is located all around the city
  • Explore the canals
  • Visit different cafés to try out wines or coffee

So, put down your map and wander away!

Don’t miss climbing the Campanile Di San Marco

One of the prominent skyline attractions of  Venice is the Campanile Bell Tower. And you can only visit the top of the tower via the elevator.

Once you reach the top, you will get to witness some of the best views of the city.

The entry hours vary by season. So here are the timings:

From April till September, the visiting hours are the longest i.e., from 8.30 AM to 9 PM. For the rest of the days, the visiting hours are reduced.

It is recommended that you book your time slot in advance and the tickets start from 10 Euros.

If you don’t book beforehand then chances are that you will encounter long lines which will result in higher wait times. So, don’t forget to book in advance to enjoy your Venice Vacation!

Venice-City of Canals

Visit the St. Mark’s Square

One of the main attractions of the Wonderland of Canals is St. Mark’s Square.

The best part about this place is that from here you can easily visit many main tourist attractions of Venice.

Some of the best things to do at St. Mark’s Square are:

  • Run through the pigeons (just like it is shown in the movies)
  • Click 360° panorama photos
  • Soak in the views and the ambience of a bustling square

Take beautiful pictures from the Rialto Bridge

One of the most popular bridges of the City of Water is the Ponte de Rialto.

Enjoy mesmerizing views of the iconic city from the top of the bridge – be it sunrise or sunset.

Watch gondolas, ferries and vaporettos zoom away from underneath the bridge or join the bustling crowds during the middle of the day to have some amazing time.

The bridge does get crowded so try to find a good spot as quickly as you can to take some nice pictures!

Venice-City of Canals

Don’t forget to take a Gondola ride!

How can we forget the iconic gondolas of Venice? This is perhaps one of the biggest attractions of the City of Water.

The gondola ride might seem like a bit of a cliché but you shouldn’t miss taking a ride on this traditional boat in Italy.

Here are the charges for a Gondola ride:

  • For 40 minutes, it is 80 Euros
  • And if it is after 7 PM then the rates can go as highs as 100 Euros or maybe more

Bring out your bargaining side as the gondola owners may quote a higher price than this!

Got all the information about Venice tourism? Now all you need to do is get an Italy Visa and visit Venice with your friends or family to enjoy the amazing experiences that you have just read!

New Year’s Eve in Italy– Experience a Refreshing Start to 2022!

The locals of Italy love festivals and fireworks. So, it is fitting to say that the festivities of New Year’s Eve in Italy will be grander than in most European countries.

Some of the most popular attractions of the New Year celebration in Italy are the authentic culinary delights, family gatherings, fireworks and lip-smacking wine. In addition to that, many major cities of Italy will host a wide range of events during the New year in Italy 2021.

So, why sit at home when you can grab an Italy Visa UK and experience the best of New Year festivities in Italy?

But, before you do that, read our brief guide to know about major attractions and places to visit in Italy during the New Year!

New Year's Eve in Italy

Best Places to Visit in Italy For New Year’s 2022

Rome – A Classic Place to Ring in the New Year

Ring in the New Year in the capital city of Italy – Rome!

Experience exciting music or dance your heart out in various outdoor events with your friends or family till midnight.

Some of the best places to experience New Year festivities are the:

  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Circus Maximus
  • Via Dei Fori Imperiali

Apart from these, you can head over to various nightclubs that feature special events, live music and lots of dancing!

Experience the Big Kiss in Venice

If you are visiting with your better half, then Venice might be the perfect place for you.

Some of the biggest New Year outdoor celebrations take place in Venice at Saint Mark’s Square. There is a tradition that goes by the name Big Kiss wherein thousands of couples, romantics & revellers will lock lips in a mass kiss-in event!

New Year's Eve in Italy

Explore the Seaside Town of Rimini

Fancy partying? The Rimini might be the ideal choice for you. With an array of nightclubs spread across different locations, Rimini is the perfect nightlife hotspot for sybarites.

Apart from this, an amazing outdoor festival that goes by the name Piazzale Fellini is held at midnight which boasts of spell-binding fireworks over the sea.

Naples – Witness Some of the Biggest Fireworks

The vibrant city of Naples is renowned for its larger than life fireworks displays. In addition to that, you can also experience an array of outdoor music events spread across the city.

Avail a guided tour by San Carlo Theater or head over to the LungomareLiberato& Piazza del Plebiscito to experience the best of New Year festivities in Naples!

Exciting Things to Do during New Year’s Day in Italy

Attend Feasts & Parties

One of the best New Year traditions of Italy is the family gatherings by the locals. Italians get together with their relatives, friends and colleagues in huge feasts and parties. So, if you want to experience authentic New Year customs of Italy during New Year then befriend some locals.

Witness Amazing Fireworks!

As mentioned earlier, Italians love fireworks & festivals. So, naturally, they will have some of the biggest fireworks in most of the European countries.

Did you know? In Italy, there is a belief that evil spirits hate noise.

Therefore, Italians make sure that their fireworks are full of light and most importantly noise.

Head over to the Colosseum in Rome or the Castel dell Ovo in Naples to witness the best of fireworks!

New Year's Eve in Italy

Head over to Bologna

Bologna, a beautiful city located in northern Italy has a unique new year tradition – the make a dummy of an old man on the last day of the year.

This dummy is then burnt like a bonfire which symbolizes:

“Forgetting all the bad things that happened in the last year and to welcome the New Year with a fresh mind!”

These are some amazing things that you can experience in Italy. Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy visa and head over to Italy to experience the best of New Year festivities with your loved ones.