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Valentine's Day in Italy

Celebrate a Romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy with your Better Half

Celebrate a Romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy with your Better Half

Italy happens to be one of the most romantic countries in the world. So, why choose any other country when you can celebrate one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy?

However, before you go all excited and get your Italy Visa UK, read our blog which will help you to plan out a romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy with your better half.

5 Romantic things to do in Italy on Valentine’s Day

Stroll through the city with your better half

Italy boasts of a plethora of cities that feature beautiful cobbled streets perfect for walking. And when it’s Valentine’s Day in Italy the streets do seem more beautiful than the usual times due to the romantic ambience and classic architecture.

Valentine's Day in Italy

The old streets of Venice, Rome and Florence resonate with the rich history and culture of Italy which makes them the perfect spot for couples planning to celebrate Valentine’s day.

And with couples and locals roaming around in the relaxed ambience, you will certainly feel your vacation getting more romantic as the evening sets in.

Ride the Gondola in Venice

One of the best things to do while celebrating Valentine’s Day in Italy is to take a Gondola Ride in Venice.

Venice is a beautiful place that features a network of canals around the city. And these canals are primarily navigated by traditional boats known as gondolas. These small water navigators are classic and romantic at the same time.

When you are taking a ride on the gondola make sure to click some lovely pictures to capture those beautiful moments for life. You will certainly want to revisit these memories once you go back home.

Relish Italian Cuisine

One of the other popular activities to do in Italy this Valentine’s Day is to munch on tasty delights of Italian cuisine.

Valentine's Day in Italy

Italy is well-known for its array of gastronomical delights made from fish, meat and fresh vegetables. Each restaurant, café or roadside stall has its own signature dish.

So, the more restaurants you visit, the more unique dishes you can try with your better half.


Go Paragliding

If you fancy adventure then heads straight to Bolzano which offers some of the best paragliding experiences for holidaymakers.

As you glide through the Pustertal Valley, you will come across some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet – The Alps & The Dolomites which are usually covered by snow during winter.

Make sure to book your slots in advance as Valentine’s day can attract a lot of couples to Bolzano.

Valentine's Day in Italy

Enjoy a Kayak Tour

Rome offers some amazing kayaking experiences for couples. Since a kayak seats two, you can easily fit in and waddle around in Lake Albano which boasts of amazing nature views. Try to take some Kayak training so that you can have a gala time in Italy with your significant other.

These are a few romantic things that you can do while you go on a holiday in Italy during Valentine’s. Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy visa and head over to the charming country to celebrate one of the best Valentine’s Day!