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Venice-City of Canals

Venice – City of Canals: 5 Must-Have Experiences in Venice

Venice – City of Canals: 5 Must-Have Experiences in Venice

Venice – City of Canals also known as the City of Bridges and the Floating City is regarded as one of the most prominent attractions of Italy. Its popularity may be due to the obvious water-filled canals but apart from that Venice often gives its visitors romantic and touristy vibes. Not to mention the many historic architectural marvels that you can spot while you explore the beautiful city.

And one of the best parts about Queen of the Adriatic (another name of Venice) is that it is a relatively small & compact place that can be easily explored in a few days!

So, if you are planning to grab an Italy Visa to enjoy a nice little Holiday in Italy, then Venice should be on the top of your itinerary. And if you are confused about which places to visit or experiences to enjoy then simply read our brief blog before you get spoiled for choice.

Venice-City of Canals

5 Amazing Experiences in Venice – City of Canals

Roam around and explore Venice

This is perhaps one of the best things to do in Venice. And because the city is small, you can easily get to numerous places and explore them with your friends or family. Try heading over to the smaller canals as they can be the perfect place to wander.

In addition to that, the main part of Venice is quite small which enables travellers to easily explore a wide number of attractions in a few hours.

Here are a few things that you can try out:

  • Sit & relax in a small square that is located all around the city
  • Explore the canals
  • Visit different cafés to try out wines or coffee

So, put down your map and wander away!

Don’t miss climbing the Campanile Di San Marco

One of the prominent skyline attractions of  Venice is the Campanile Bell Tower. And you can only visit the top of the tower via the elevator.

Once you reach the top, you will get to witness some of the best views of the city.

The entry hours vary by season. So here are the timings:

From April till September, the visiting hours are the longest i.e., from 8.30 AM to 9 PM. For the rest of the days, the visiting hours are reduced.

It is recommended that you book your time slot in advance and the tickets start from 10 Euros.

If you don’t book beforehand then chances are that you will encounter long lines which will result in higher wait times. So, don’t forget to book in advance to enjoy your Venice Vacation!

Venice-City of Canals

Visit the St. Mark’s Square

One of the main attractions of the Wonderland of Canals is St. Mark’s Square.

The best part about this place is that from here you can easily visit many main tourist attractions of Venice.

Some of the best things to do at St. Mark’s Square are:

  • Run through the pigeons (just like it is shown in the movies)
  • Click 360° panorama photos
  • Soak in the views and the ambience of a bustling square

Take beautiful pictures from the Rialto Bridge

One of the most popular bridges of the City of Water is the Ponte de Rialto.

Enjoy mesmerizing views of the iconic city from the top of the bridge – be it sunrise or sunset.

Watch gondolas, ferries and vaporettos zoom away from underneath the bridge or join the bustling crowds during the middle of the day to have some amazing time.

The bridge does get crowded so try to find a good spot as quickly as you can to take some nice pictures!

Venice-City of Canals

Don’t forget to take a Gondola ride!

How can we forget the iconic gondolas of Venice? This is perhaps one of the biggest attractions of the City of Water.

The gondola ride might seem like a bit of a cliché but you shouldn’t miss taking a ride on this traditional boat in Italy.

Here are the charges for a Gondola ride:

  • For 40 minutes, it is 80 Euros
  • And if it is after 7 PM then the rates can go as highs as 100 Euros or maybe more

Bring out your bargaining side as the gondola owners may quote a higher price than this!

Got all the information about Venice tourism? Now all you need to do is get an Italy Visa and visit Venice with your friends or family to enjoy the amazing experiences that you have just read!

Incredible & Elegant Venice: The Madness of Genius

Italy, the birthplace of the Roman Empire & the Renaissance, is home to the substantial number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. From intriguing history to high art, from sacred sites to charming villages, from mesmerizing architecture to ancient cities, Italy is blessed with everything that a travel enthusiast desires for. Apart from the masterpieces of art & architecture, Italy is also renowned for phenomenal sceneries, picturesque countryside view, staggering coasts, alpine lakes & mountains.

Venice is one such tourist destination of Italy that is greatly admired for its art & architecture. According to the tourism reports, the city of Venice receives over 60,000 visitors in a day, which surprisingly makes the annual number of visitors vary from 22 million to 30 million. Since the 18th century, Venice has continued to be illustrious for its astounding cityscape, uniqueness, rich musical & artistic cultural heritage. No wonder, people from across the globe are looking for ways to get to this seraphic destination of Italy. In case, you want to discover its spell-binding beauty, use our Italy Visa online services to fill Italy visa application form & apply for Italy Schengen visa.

Here is a list of some of the laudable attractions of Venice that you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Italy:

1. The Grand Canal: For the centuries, the travelers have been enjoying the traditional gondola ride through the canals of Venice. For the city of islands, Venice, canals have been its main streets, connected by a maze of narrow passageways. Lining the canals along the old buildings have remained somewhat unaltered for centuries & added romantic charm to the city.

The Grand Canal is the chief avenue that sweeps across the heart of Venice in a giant reverse S curve & connects Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, the arrival point of the railway station & bridge from the mainland. The best way to adore the palaces of all the leading families, their Venetian Gothic & Early Renaissance facades is by taking a Vaporetto ride along the Grand Canal. A ride along the Grand Canal in a gondola is considered to be one of the most romantic things to do in Venice at night. If you desire to explore the romantic city of Venice, apply for Italy Schengen Visa or Italy Visa UK with our Italy Visa online services.

2. St Mark’s Basilica: St. Mark’s Basilica or the Basilica di San Marco is the culminating jewel of the Piazza San Marco, the famous square of Venice. This colossal church was completely in around 11th century & is eminent for its stunning domes, myriad Byzantine mosaics, bronze Horses of Saint Mark & the treasury of Museo Marciano that contains a staggering collection of early jewels, tapestries & sculptures.

The building is a magnificent work of art & has an intriguing mix of Byzantine architectural styles which showcases Venice’s long trade connections to the East. Other captivating highlights of the vast interior of the church are the mosaics & high altar, covered in jewels & gold. If you desire to indulge in the magic of Italian Art, fill Italy Visa Application Form today to apply for Italy Schengen Visa or Italy Visa UK & head to Piazza San Marco.

3. Doge’s Palace: Another splendid & priceless masterpiece of Italian Art standing next to the Basilica is the Doge’s Palace. This immensely beautiful & gorgeous palace ranks among one of the meritorious & laudable buildings of Venice. It served as a centre of government, the Palace of Justice and the official residence of Doge during the Venetian Republic. Initially, the Palace was a wretched, gloomy wooden fortress with monumental defensive towers. However, the Palace was later converted into a Byzantine-style palace. Currently, the palace is now being used as a museum that showcases sober Venetian Gothic architecture & paintings that were precisely created to decorate the Doge’s Palace initially.

The ravishing art works, iconic beauty, ornamental figures, and beguiling history of the Doge’s Palace set it a class apart & make it one of the major visited tourist attractions of Venice.

Other major tourist attractions of Venice include, Rialto Bridge, Bridge of Sighs, Burano, St Mark’s Campanile, San Marco, Lido di Venezia & Gallerie dell’Accademia.

Venice is a unique & remarkable traveler’s paradise, known for the beauty of its settings, spell-binding architecture & artwork. Apply for Italy Schengen Visa today & head to this incredible destination.