Venice Carnival 2022

Venice Carnival 2022–The Definitive Guide for Holidaymakers

The alluring country of Italy is preparing itself to host one of the most famous events of the world – the Venice Carnival 2022.

From ecstatic costumes to larger than life parades and live music, you will get to witness a myriad of festivities. Feel like getting an Italy Visa so that you can take part in these amazing festivities?

Before you do that, read our definitive guide to ensure that you experience the best of Venice Carnival with your friends or family.

The History of The Venice Carnival

One of the earliest references to the term carnival can be found in the year 1094. During this time, the pre-lent season witness a good number of public celebrations

During this period, a typical carnival was celebrated for weeks that included:

  • Amazing Festivity & Fun
  • Music & Dances
  • Parties

But, the present-day carnival became public in 1296 which led to the event getting immense popularity. However, the 18th century is when the carnival gained worldwide recognition. Why?

Venice Carnival 2022

Casanova, the famous writer spent most of his life in Venice during the 18thcentury and he shared his instances of love affairs and wild parties during the time.

There was a brief period of time during which wearing masks was forbidden and the interesting tradition was again restored in 1979.

Venice Carnival 2022 Dates

The Carnival will be held from 12th February 2022 to 1st March 2022 in various places of Venice and St. Mark’s Square being the popular spot for parades, festivities and special events.

Essential tips to help enjoy the Festival in Venice

Experience Amazing Festivities

The spell-binding Venice Carnival boasts of the following:

  • Amazing events
  • Long Parades
  • Beautiful and Ecstatic costumes
  • Beautiful Backgrounds for pictures
  • Masquerade Balls
  • Opera, Concerts and Pubs
  • Theatre Performances

There are many paid events as well as free events where you can witness a myriad of celebrations ranging from comedy shows to theatre performances and live music!

Venice Carnival 2022

Wear Unique Costumes

Venice Carnival 2022 will feature people wearing a wide range of costumes. However, the best costumes are the ones that showcase 18th century Venice Lords and Ladies.

Another type of costume that is loved the most is when masks are worn under black hooded capes.

Why costumes?

In the earlier days, costumes were worn to hide their status and class so that everyone will feel equal.

Visit the St. Mark’s Square

If you want to experience the best of the activity’s during Venice Carnival then you should head over to St. Mark’s Square.

The best part about this place is that most of the entertainment activities and events are free for everyone!

And this place happens to be the centre of attraction during the Venice Carnival 2022. Witness some amazing things like:

  • A Huge Stage that will host live music, runway shows and more
  • Comedy Shows & Theatre Performances
  • Award Ceremony for:

Flight of the Angel
Best Masked Costumes
Festadelle Marie


  • Apart from these, you can also attend various street parties and DJ Sets
  • The day celebrations usually end with a spectacular display of fireworks

Venice Carnival 2022

List of Events during carnival in Venice

  1. 13th February 2022 –Venetian Water Festival
  2. 19th February 2022 – Festadelle Marie
  3. 20th February 2022 – Flight of the Angel
  4. 27th February 2022 – Flight of the Eagle
  5. 27th February 2022 – The Most Beautiful Mask Competition Finals
  6. 28th February 2022 – Children’s Edition of the Most Beautiful Mask Competition
  7. 1st March 2022 – Maria of the Carnival Award Ceremony
  8. 1st March 2022 –Svolo del Leon

Got all the information you need about Venice Carnival 2022?

Now, all you need to do is simply get an Italy tourist visa and take part in the amazing festivities of the Venice Carnival with your loved ones.