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Italy Visa Document Requirements

The visa documentation is a necessary precondition for getting your Italian Visa. It’s hard to get your Italian visa approved without adequate documentation that is why it is crucial to pay due attention while submitting your visa documents. Although, it’s not binding for every UK resident to apply for an Italian Schengen visa to travel to Italy, as the Uk residents with Uk’s citizenship are allowed to travel across Europe freely without any visa requirements. However, the other UK residents with UK’s residency permit need to apply for an Italian Schenghen visa to travel freely across the schenghen zone. The document requirements are as follows –

  1. A valid passport along with a valid UK residency permit and other ID proofs:
  • A valid passport issued within the preceding 10 years, should have at least two full blank pages, one for visa stamps and an additional spare page.
  • The passport should be valid for the next three months from the date of your exiting the Schengen Zone and in the case of multiple visits, three months after your last visit executed to the Schengen
  • In addition, a valid UK residence permit or any other ID used should be endorsed in your valid passport.


  1. Passport size photograph:
  • A Passport size photograph with a light background and adequate color balance should be affixed (glued) on the application form.
  • The photograph should clearly depict full facial features of the applicant.
  • The affixed photograph should not be more than 3 months


  1. Accommodation proofs:
  • A copy of hotel bookings or rental agreement should be furnished.
  • Or, in case of an invitation from an Italian host, a signed copy of the invitation along with the copy of your host’s passport or ID card along with the host’s residency permit should be furnished.


  1. Travel medical insurance – A travel medical insurance with a coverage of not less than 30,000 € to provide for any travel or medical emergency.

  3. Cover letter:
  • The letter must state the purpose of your visit to Italy.
  • A proof of fund sources for your intended visit.
  • In the case of a sponsor, a brief account of your relationship with him/her and the reason of his/her sponsorship.


  1. Means of subsistence: A proof of applicant’s financial subsistence should be furnished, along with a copy of UK’s bank statement revealing a fund of not less than 50 € of each day spent in Italy.


  1. Travel arrangement proofs –
  • Full travel details with proof of travel ticket payment.
  • A copy of driving license along with Car insurance and car registration documents or car rental documents in the case of a hired cab.


  1. Civil status: The applicants need to furnish the proofs of civil status which are applicable to them, namely the ration card, marriage certificate or death certificate of the

Note – The Italy short stay visa applicants need to furnish their finger prints (for biometric verification) as an additional document.
Further requirements: The above-mentioned requirements are compulsory and binding for every Italy visa applicant. However, in a few case the document requirements for Italy visa may vary according to the applicant’s status:

  • In case of employed individuals, a copy of last 6 month’s current bank account statement.
  • A copy of employment contract and leave permission from the employer.
  • A certificate of income tax deducted at source or Income tax return form.

Self employed:

  • Income tax return
  • Copy of business license
  • Last six month bank statement of the company.

Students: The students need to furnish a copy of their enrollment letter with a no objection certificate for their educational institution.
Retired: The Last 6 month’s pension statement is required to be furnished.
Minor children: The Company of parents or an adult guardian is mandatory for minor children during their stay in Italy and the required documents include –

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • A traveling permission signed by both the parents.
  • A recent attendance letter signed by the school headmaster.

Unemployed and married to a European Union citizen:

  • A confirmation not older than 3 months from the spouse’s employer stating his job position along with the date of joining.
  • The valid passport of the spouse.
  • A copy of marriage certificate translated in English or Italian, certified by the Country’s embassy where the marriage was held or by The legalization bureau of foreign office in UK.

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