Beaches Brew Festival 2022

Beaches Brew Festival 2022– A Glorious Beach Music Event of Italy

As the days grow longer and the temperature rises during summer, musicians turn up the volume, bringing their beats and trills from the theatres and clubs to the streets, plazas, and outdoor stages. With the advent of decent weather, the urge to have fun, spend time with friends and create lasting memories together grows. An alternative and independent music lover’s dream come true, Marina di Ravenna’s beach Beaches Brew Festival 2022is all of this and more.

Not only can you sunbathe on the beach, but you can also take in the splendour of a music festival that is nearly unrivalled in Europe at the same time.

Beautiful Hana-Bi on the Italian coast is where Beaches Brew gets its name.

Because of this, we’ve decided to invite you to Ravenna’s beaches for the Beaches Brew Festival, which runs from June 6 to June 9 and is an event you should not miss — under any circumstances.

Planning to grab an Italy visa online and take part in this spell-binding music festival? Before you do that, read this brief guide which will help you to know all about the amazing Beaches Brew Festival.

Exciting Reasons to Take Part in the Beaches Brew Fest 2022

Wonderful Stages attract Large Crowds

There are two stages, vibrating guitar, loud percussion, and a consistent and positive line-up that takes the sound and fun of major events like Barcelona Primavera Sound directly on the coastlines of Emilia-Romagna on a minor scale.

Discovering something new

Beaches Brew isn’t just a typical rock music festival; it’s more than that.

This is an event that places a high value on innovation and exploration. Performers and musical styles from all over the world will be featured.

Beaches Brew Festival 2022

Need a piece of advice to enjoy the festival? Simply open your years and soak in different types of interesting music!

It’s a Beach Festival! What else do you want?

The Beaches Brew 2022 is a spell-binding festival that is hosted on an amazing beach with wonderful views.

Indulge in a moment of barefoot beach fun – The pine forest is behind you, and the sea is in front of you. Nothing concrete, no man-made buildings, not even a hint of it.

Under the shade of the umbrellas, you can listen to the performers’ sound checks or interviews while you soak up some rays. At night, elbow your way through the mob and groove to the beat of the DJ Sets till the sun comes up.

The Festival is Free to Enter!

It’s free. All you have to do is pay for your beverages and food, and you’re ready to party!

People of all genders and ages can be found here. Take a break from the pressures of major concerts and long lines. Everyone is happy and having a good time as they bask in the sun, sea, and sound of nature.

Support is requested by the organizers

Organizing a free event in these odd and uncertain times is difficult enough as it is. But Beaches Brew is returning in 2022, and they couldn’t be happier about that. But holding a free festival comes with its own set of obstacles.

Make a gift or spread the word about the Beaches Brew festival campaign, if you’re a fan of the brewery.

Beaches Brew Festival 2022

This is a great honour for the organizers, as they’ve spent the last few years offering the visitors with wonderful events, from festivals and concerts to aperitifs, dinners and parties. They’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their guests’ special moments in the future.

Lineup 2022 of Beaches Brew

The lineup of the Beaches Brew Festival 2022 is spread across 4 days. Don’t confuse Beaches brew to be one of the beer festivals due to its name. However, the festival has its own perks which you shouldn’t miss out on.

Coming back to the lineup of the festival, it is as follows:

6th June (Harbour Stage) – Soft Palms, Endless Boogie and more. You will also come across the Garage Sale Market.

7th June (Hana-Bi) – CatuDiosis, Vera di Lecce, Otim Alpha and more. A special event called Ben Shemie will be conducted on 7th June and you can also enjoy the CementoAtlantico DJ Set.

8th June (Hana-Bi) – Horse Lords, Ghost Woman, Leatherette and more.

9th June (Hana-Bi) – Go Dugong, Yin Yin, Amami and more.

A Little Bit about Beaches Brew Fest 2022 Venue and Food

Marina di Ravenna, a beach about an hour east of Bologna, is the location of this beach festival paradise.

Hana-bi is a short drive from anywhere in the city, and admission is always free.

The menu includes homemade pasta, salads, and gourmet burgers. A tasty fish meal on the beach or a quick sandwich for lunch – You will get all of this and more

It’s a terrific place to eat, drink, and enjoy free music festivals and concerts in front of the ocean – On the sand, from dawn until dusk.

Beach, water, and sun. Besides that, there is a playground for youngsters and a beach tennis court, basketball court, and table tennis. All the things that make us happy. Summer doesn’t get simpler than this.

How to Reach the Beaches Brew 2022Venue?

Via Plane

It is recommended to fly directly to Bologna, Italy. Trains and buses connect Bologna’s city centre with Ravenna and Marina Di Ravenna.

Via Public Transport

We recommend taking public transportation to Marina di Ravenna and Beaches Brew. To get to Marina di Ravenna, take one of three coast-bound buses, the 60, 70, or 75, from Ravenna train station.

From there, regional trains can get you to Ravenna.

Via Car

If you are travelling by car, use the Ravenna exit (A14/E45) and proceed to Marina di Ravenna.

Beaches Brew Festival 2022

This bar is one of the first to open along the beach. If you’re using a GPS, type in “Vialedella pace, 452G – Marina di Ravenna (RA)” in the search box.

This is all there is to this amazing festival! Excited to visit this amazing event with your loved ones. Simply apply for Italy Visa and take part in the glorious beach event with your friends or family in Italy!