Italian Drinks – The new fuel to your Vacations

Italy – the boot-shaped peninsula is the native land of Roman Empire. Hence, doubting its masterpieces is no less than committing a crime. From unimaginable architectures, traces of history to lakes, canals & mountains, ‘The Bel Paese’ has all the ways to steal your heart. Wanderers, the tale is not over yet! Apart from pleasure to eyes, Italy visa is the key to gastronomical ventures in Italy.

From morning mocha to evening Digestivo, Italy know all the ways to kindle your taste goblets. Confused? Explorers, get ready to explore the sparkling Italian drinks! It’s time to beat the scorching heat of Italy with an Aperitivo – a pre-dinner drink.

Aperitivo, after a long tiring day is what Italians need! The local bars in Italy are jam-packed typically between 7pm to 9 pm. Without any exception, the local bar in Italy offers an Aperitivo to its guests. Italian custom says that, Aperitivo is considered as a great kick start to your digestion.

This article will introduce you to the best Italian drinks. Globetrotters, it’s time to get your Italy tourist visa now. Make sure to try these tasty delights on your Italy excursion:



Originated in 1988, Limoncello is a perfect digestivo. Ordinarily, produced in Southern Italy, its unique flavor gained popularity in no time. Lemon zest, pure grain alcohol, water and sugar are combined in a perfect ratio for its eccentric flavor. Apart from being a digestivo, its sweet flavor can easily substitute Italian desserts. Although, the homeland of this lemon liqueur is still a mystery, it is produced in Southern Italy for almost 100 years. It is the second most preferred Italian cocktails around the world.


This easy to make cocktail is a great kick start to your meal. This booze is a perfect marriage of sparkling wine, Aperol, tonic water and fresh oranges.  It rose to its popularity only after the two Italian bitters – Campari & Aperol, introduced it to the world. As a result, the iconic Aperitivo is available in two categories. Here is a brief description about each one of them:

Aperol Spritz


Invented in Venice, Aperol Spritz gained its popularity in no time. The palate pleasing drink is perfectly paired with ciccheti (small snacks). It is one of the most preferred drinks in Venice. Herb aroma with the sweet & bitter flavor is what makes it unique! The bright orange digestivo is a perfect combination of Prosecco and Tonic water. Initially presented as a pre-dinner drink, Aperol Sprtiz also gives relief from heat of the afternoon in Italy.

Campari Spritz


This aromatic liquor was invented in Novara. It is the perfect infusion of over 60 ingredients – Herbs, Fruits, Alcohol and many more! The red herbal liquor dates back to 1860. Comparatively a bitter drink still people widely drink it to kick start the meal. Campri Spritz is perfectly paired with green olives that make it taste unbelievably good. Limited to export to Nice initially, this fizzy cocktail has gained popularity in over 190 countries till date. One of the quintessential Italian Drinks is the main ingredient of our next cocktail.



The combination of vermouth rosso, Campari and Gin in equal ratio, results in this legendary Italian cocktail. This fizzy drink is served on the rocks with garnishing of orange peel. The Negroni cocktail is incomplete without Campari Spritz. The story behind the creation of Negroni is a mystery till date. A common tale says, in 1919 at Florence’s CaffeCasonia local aristocrat fancied a twist in his booze of Campri and Vermouth. So, he twisted some ingredients that eventually created this exhilarating drink for the first time. The new arrival in the treasure box of Italian cocktails gained its popularity in a fraction of time. So wanderers, before trying the finger – licking Italian meals, do not forget to try this classic Aperitivo.



If you are craving for sparkling wine, Prosecco is what you need! Invented in Veneto region, the crisp and fizzy white wine is amongst the most demanded Aperitivo in Italy. It is the first choice for countless Italians before starting their Dinner. While deciding your order, the restaurants will offer you this refreshing Italian Beverage. Travelers Venice is the place, where you can meet the creators of the dreamy Prosecco.

Italian wine


For the matchless winemaking practices & technology for 4,000 years now, Italy is often regarded as Oenotria – Land of Wine. The exquisite collection of wines, vigorously cemented an international reputation. Italy has been the world leader in wine production. Of course, after France! Veneto, Lombardy, Sicily and Tuscany are some of the popular regions known for winemaking in Italy.  The Queen of all Italian beverages encompasses almost everything. From generic to fortified, from ultra-sweet to bitter, the collections of Italian wine will satisfy your craving. While holidaying in Italy, you can explore countless variety of wines. Moreover, you will have to rack your brains to choose from the inevitably long list.

Are you ready epicures? The Italian custom of Aperitivo is a great way to wind-up an exhausting sight-seeing day. Plan your Italy excursion now and explore the scenic beauty followed by exhilarating pre-dinner Italian drinks.

Travelers, Cheers!